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    Our specialty is providing easy, financing for inexpensive vehicles. We will guarantee your financing as long as you have the down payment and the ability to pay the loan.

    Ten Benefits Of Buying At

    • Down Payments Start At $500 Down: Down payments can be as low as $500. With our In House financing there are no banks involved. That means your credit score does not matter. Our Buy Here Pay Here program has some of the lowest down payments in the market. 
    • Guaranteed In House Financing: City Select Auto Sales offers financing to everyone regardless of the past credit history. Bad Credit, No Credit, Bankruptcies, repossessions, and foreclosures will not stop you from getting a loan. We don’t need the approvals of other banks or companies. We will get you approved quickly and driving home.
    • Credit In The Credit Bureau: City Select Auto Sales reports to all three major US Credit Bureaus. This monthly reporting offers you the opportunity to build your credit in the credit bureau.  Your increased credit score  will help you qualify for a new home, car, or products of your choice.
    • No Full Coverage Insurance: Because our loans are mostly short term, we offer our customers the opportunity to not carry full coverage insurance. Discuss this with your insurance agent and make the choice that is best for you. It certainly does reduce your monthly costs.
    • Free One Year Warranty: Any vehicle with a purchase price over $2995 comes with a free 1 year warranty.
    • 24-Hour Money Back Guarantee: City Select Auto Sales offers this guarantee on almost all vehicles. This gives you the opportunity to take your new vehicle home, to a mechanic, or to show your friends and family. If for any reason you have changed your mind, bring the vehicle back for a full refund. No questions asked.
    • Payments Start At $49 Per Week Or $196 Per Month: Low weekly or monthly payments are available. We make sure to find payments that work with your budget.
    • Large Selection Of 200 Vehicles At Two Locations: City Select Auto Sales has over 200 used vehicles in stock at our two locations. Each sales person has available a list of all vehicles in stock at each location. Call a sales representative for more detailed information.
    • 2-Year Service Contracts Available: City Select Auto Sales has available service contracts at additional cost for up to two years after delivery. Independent companies offer these service contracts and brochures describe their benefits in detail at all three of our sales locations.
    • We Appreciate Your Business: Visit any of our stores and see how our appreciation makes the difference!

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