• The Importance of a Return Policy

    A return policy is something that everyone should look into before purchasing a vehicle. By that I mean a set amount of time that you, as a customer, have to return a vehicle to the dealer for any reason at all. Some dealers offer a 24-hour return policy, some offer a couple of days, and some offer no return policy at all. When it comes to purchasing a used or pre-owned vehicle a return policy is extremely important.

    By having this return policy it allows you to drive the vehicle for an extended period of time to make sure that you like the way it looks and handles. You also will be able to notice any small flaws that a vehicle may have and to see if the dealership will handle these issues for you. Most importantly, it allows you to take the vehicle to a mechanic and have them check the vehicle out. Let the mechanic put the vehicle on a lift and check under it. They should look for any signs of extensive rust or damage under the vehicle. This is a step that many used car buyers forget or bypass. A mechanic will be able to tell you if you are purchasing a nice vehicle that shouldn’t give you too many repair issues down the road (Pun intended).

    Make sure that any vehicle you purchase comes with a return period. Many people will jump to the conclusion that the dealer has already checked all of their vehicles out to make sure there are no problems. While this is true of a lot of dealers, there are some car dealers that do not. Couple this with a no return policy and a limited warranty and you could be purchasing a problem. At City Select Auto Sales we offer a 24-hour return period and encourage customers to seek out a mechanic to check out the vehicle. Alternatively if you have a local personal mechanic that you trust we will take it over to them to check out before you hand over a penny.

    In the end, make sure that before you purchase your next vehicle you make sure that you ask the dealer what kind of a return policy they offer. Beware of any dealer that tells you there is no return policy, and that once you’ve bought this vehicle it’s yours.

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