• General Sales Manager

     The City Select Auto Sales General sales manager has the responsibility
    of managing the Sales Process and making sure each location has the right mix of inventory. This means they work with the sales teams to ensure that each customer goes through the correct process to ensure their experience is a great one. Also, that each location has the proper vehicles on it that customers want and will perform to their needs the best. This ensures that each customer that comes to City Select Auto Sales will have the same great experience with many options for a vehicle.


    Mark Pellegrini
    General Sales Manager

    Mark Pellegrini came to City select Auto Sales full time in 2008 after working many years in each department of the company. This has given him a full understanding of the entire company  and the entire process a customer goes through from vehicle selection to payoff. After graduating from University of Maryland in Business Marketing he was given the position of Sales manager. He has since been promoted to general sales manager. He is in charge of inventory, marketing, and sales operations. His experience and academic background allow him to manage the customer experience to try to ensure that every interaction with City Select Auto Sales exceeds expectations.

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