• Sales & Reconditioning Managers

     The City Select Auto Sales sales managers have the responsibility
    of structuring the best deal possible for the customer within company policy. This means the sales manager will work with the customer and sales representative to find the best vehicle for the customer. The best car will fill all of the customer’s needs and match their budget for down payment and installment payments. Sales managers also review inventory to make sure all vehicles are ready for sale. Sales Managers schedule all warranty appointments for the customer.


    Troy Casey
    Sales Manager & Reconditioning Manager
    Mt. Ephraim Ave. Location:
    2541 Mt. Ephraim Avenue
    Camden, NJ 08104

    Troy Casey came to City Select Auto Sales in 1984 after gaining experience in automotive repair and machine shop operation. With a start in the City Select Auto Sales’ reconditioning department, Troy moved to sales where he had an outstanding record. Troy was Sales Person of the Month many times and also Sales Person of the Year. Troy became a Sales Manager at the Federal Street location in 1994. Troy became the Sales Manager and Reconditioning Manager of the Mt. Ephraim Ave. location in 1998. Troy offers excellent customer service with the ability to diagnose repairs and achieve quick turn around times for customer repairs.

    Anthony Salkauski
    Sales Manager
    Burlington Location:
    4375 Rt.130 S
    Burlington, NJ 08016

    Anthony started at City Select Auto Sales in 1993 as a sales representative after attaining a degree in Electronic Product Services. Anthony started selling cars because he likes to meet new people. Anthony is very friendly and speaks fluent Spanish and English. Anthony was Sales Person of the Month many times and in 1995 became Sales Manager of our Ewing location. In late 2002 Anthony became the Sales Manager of our Federal St. location. Anthony started to manage sales at the Main Office in 2004. Anthony believes his success in sales comes from being very patient with the customers and finding out their real needs for transportation.


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