• Finance & Collection Manager

    The Finance ManagerĀ approve Buy Here Pay Here financing at City Select Auto Sales. Their job is to find reasons to approve deals, not reasons to turn them down! After the sales team finds the right vehicle for the customer at an acceptable down payment and payment schedule, the deal is sent for approval to the credit department. The credit department then presents the deal to the Finance Manager for approval. Collection Managers review customer accounts for delinquent payments. At City Select Auto Sales, it is very important to us to work with each customer to keep each account current. This ensures that our customers will build their credit in the credit bureaus and move forward.
    Drew Pellegrini
    Finance & Collection Manager
    Main Office:
    4375 Rt. 130 S, Burlington, NJ 08016
    (609) 877-0005

    Drew PellegriniĀ has been with City Select Auto Sales since 2007. He has held a position as a collector, salesperson, sales manager, accountant, and now finance manager. This experience has given him an understanding of each part of the process a customer goes through at City Select Auto Sales. With this he can make sure that customers get the best deal when getting approved, then receive outstanding customer service afterwards. He has a great understanding with City Select Auto Sales customers and is the best when it comes to working with them and their accounts.

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