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    Thank you for visiting the City Select Auto Sales website and inquiring about the employment opportunities that are available.  We are a stable mid-sized dealership with two locations in New Jersey.  Our main office is at 4375 Route 130 South, Burlington NJ.  Our reconditioning center with attached branch sales office is at 5910 S Crescent Blvd in Pennsauken NJ.  Below are listed seven of our standardized employment positions.  Please complete your information and submit it for review.  Your application will be held in confidence and there will be no inquiries without contacting you first.  If you are interested in a position not listed, please complete your information and note your preferences in the comment section.

    Each position will include training and the opportunity to learn many aspects of the automobile business. Sales people are more than cadets reporting to team managers. Sales people learn how to structure deals for approval and how to earn customer satisfaction to improve future earnings. Sales managers are more than closers. They learn trade valuation, repair estimation, location budgeting, and real dealership management skills that will provide useful experience in any management situation. Lot persons have the opportunity to become sales people and sales people can become location managers. Collectors and reconditioning specialists have entered sales and become sales managers. At City Select Auto Sales, you are rated on you skills and your ability to advance. There are no barriers for your advancement.

    Location Manager: Responsibilities are management of all location personnel, which are usually two sales people and a lot person. Sales levels and customer satisfaction are key criteria. Auto sales experience is required. Management experience is not required but is useful. The business owner provides in-house training. Sales managers are responsible for all aspects of their location. Location appearance must always be clean and orderly. Vehicles must look and perform properly or the sales manager must direct the proper repairs. This is a full time job plus, with a great many details to be accounted for in the daily routine. Location managers report to the owner of the business.

    Sales Person: Sales people meet and greet customers. They demonstrate vehicles and most importantly describe the benefits customers receive when buying a vehicle from City Select Auto Sales. Sales people write up all deals in our computer system and are responsible for a wide range of duties. Most positions are full time but occasionally a part time position will be considered. Sales people report to the location manager.

    Lot Person: Responsibilities include the appearance of the office and vehicles on the sales lot. Vehicles must be started regularly. They must be clean, gassed up, and have all the proper vehicle additions attached. Vehicle additions include City Select paper tags on front and back tag positions, City Select stickers on the back hood, FTC Buyer’s Guide attached on rear side window, and City Select stock number sticker attached to the windshield. Daily deliveries of vehicles to repair shops are common. The lot person reports to the location manager.

    In-house Accountant: The in-house accountant position is a full time job requiring experience in bookkeeping. The business owner provides in-house training. All accounts payable and accounts receivable are entered into the computer system daily. Management reports are required weekly and budgets are completed twice monthly. Month end accounting will require overtime in the first two days of each month. The accountant reports to the owner of the business. The accountant’s office is at the main office in Burlington, NJ.

    Title Clerk: Responsibilities include all aspects of preparing titles to be transferred into City Select Auto Sales’ name and then into our customer’s name. Company filing of all customer deals is done daily. Repossession paperwork must be completed in a timely manner. The business owner provides in-house training. The title clerk reports to the owner of the business. The title clerks office is at the main office in Burlington, NJ.

    Collection Personnel: The collector’s most important duty is to contact delinquent customers by phone. Collectors are rated on the number of calls they make as well as the quality of the collection call. Phone calls are monitored to ensure compliance with company policies. Other duties include the review of potential customer applications, skip tracing, dunning letters, and additional collection methods. All collectors are located at the main office in Burlington, NJ.

    Mechanics & Bodywork Specialists: The reconditioning center on Mt. Ephraim Ave. in Camden, NJ is where all of our reconditioning specialists are located. It is a three bay garage equipped with lifts and related equipment. All specialists report to the reconditioning manager.

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